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I offer VA support either through hourly retainers or bookable packages, more details below:

Retainer Package

Enjoy a fixed amount of hours each month, with a minimum 3-month commitment. Your hours can be used as needed allowing you to budget and allocate your resources more effectively.

  • Time is rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes ensuring you get precisely what you pay for.

  • Hours cannot be carried on to the following month.

  • Retainer hours include briefing time and any travel needed.

An elf

The Enthusiastic Elf Package

Help to spread some virtual cheer and tackle your to-do list.

£600/month/20 hours

A superhero

The Superhero Support Package

Your virtual sidekick, always ready to save the day and tackle complex challenges.

£1,200/month/40 hours

A lanyard with VIP written on it

The VIP Guardian Package

Your ultimate VA partner, providing stellar support that's out of this world.

£2,400/month/80 hours

Project Package

If you have a task or project that needs to be completed from start to finish then the Project Package is the perfect solution!

We'll start with a discovery call to gain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements. Based on this, we will create a personalised project brief, outlining the proposed delivery, estimated duration, and cost.


Bespoke Project


Starting from £450

Based on size of project, duration and subject to brief.

A notice board with lots of post its on


Hourly rate from £35 PH

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