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5 of my Virtual Assistant services that will help you this Christmas!

Virtual Assistant on the phone sitting next to a log fire

Can you believe that Christmas is now only 2 weeks away? It is meant to be a time to celebrate and have fun with your loved ones, but for you busy business owners it has a tendency to be a lot more stressful than it should or needs to be. Getting everything ready can really pile on the pressure as you have to juggle a shorter working month, Christmas parties, dinners and generally all things Christmas. Thankfully there are many ways that you can get that last minute help you need over this busy period.

1. Thanking your clients

It means so much when you can take time to say thank you for their support (I received a gift myself on Friday and I couldn’t stop smiling), however where do you start? It can be extremely time consuming to sit and handwrite cards, address them and get them all sent out, and then there’s the gift. As your Virtual Assistant I can manage this whole process for you. All I need is a simple brief on the recipient, your budget and the location it needs to be delivered. It is that simple.

2. Stay on top of emails and correspondence

Let’s be honest, so many are looking forward to wrapping things up and taking a few weeks off. However, not everyone will be and your emails will still need to be answered, social content will need to go out and orders still may need processing. Luckily all of the above can be outsourced to me. I can keep things ticking over nicely for you while you have that well deserved downtime. This will keep your clients happy and you are safe in the knowledge that everything is taken care of.

3. Manage your diary

December is SUCH a busy month, isn’t it? Both professionally and privately. On top of that, you may have additional travel plans to organise, if you are going away over Christmas. It can be a bit of a headache booking flights, train tickets, accommodation so why don’t you let your Virtual Assistant take all that stress away? If I haven’t told you before, I have the best organisational skills. I can co-ordinate your diary, send you reminders, book restaurants and venues and organise all of your travel plans.

Ahh, slowly but surely, it’s starting to feel like Christmas…

4. Chase outstanding payments

It’s not what you want to be thinking about at Christmas, but you may have clients that have missed a few payments over the year and still owe you money. That is literally a hangover you DO NOT want to start the New Year with. I can handle this sensitively and professionally, ensuring that you can start the New Year on a fresh financial footing.

5. Plan for the New Year!

You should now be thinking about what your plans for next year are, but how can you possibly do that with all of the fun and celebrations that are going on?

Drum roll!!!!!! Hire yours truly as your admin Virtual Assistant to take care of all of those tedious administration tasks that have been keeping you tied to your desk like an old ball and chain. I will take care of everything from bookkeeping, to answering the phone, to setting up a new filing system (the list goes on and on)

Even Santa gets all the help he can at this time of year, so why shouldn’t you call in your very own Christmas elf?

I hope you found my blog on 5 Virtual Assistant services that will help you this Christmas useful. If you’re short on time during the Christmas period and could do with some daily task management help or would like to know more about my virtual assistant services feel free to email me on or use our contact form.

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